Andy Powell and his new book…

15 Mar

Received this email via Roberta Estes of the Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Group. Definitely wanted to share this great interview with Andy Powell, retired Ex-Mayor or Bideford, England. He tells of his and the LCRG’s research concerning the Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony.

Andy Powell was interviewed today by Ireland’s Premier News Radio Show about his new book. If interested this is the link.  It’s really a very nice interview and tells a lot about the Lost Colony and our current research.  Andy cautions that bits were edited and also that it was intended for English/Irish digestion.

(Click on Tuesday, the 15th, and button “2” the interview starts at about 6 minutes 30 seconds in.)

You can purchase his book, Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke, at

Awesome interview, Andy 🙂


One response to “Andy Powell and his new book…

  1. Danette Hunt

    March 15, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    I just ordered a copy of the book. I can’t wait to get it and start reading. I am going to share this information with my Native Sisters during our Drum Society ceremony in March.

    Keep up the great work, Dawn. ((hugs))


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