What HIGS is up to these days…

08 May

Devaney F. and Devaney E. Jennette

They always say that grass never grows on a busy street. And boy, if that is the case…HIGS has been doing their part in proving that point. Within the past couple of weeks, we have added several new board members and will soon announce another exciting new venture that we are in the midst of planning and sorting out all the details. I keep telling people that “We are not your Grandmother’s genealogy society”. This is so true. And very shortly…you will see why.

As most of you are aware, HIGS has a group page on Facebook. It is used as a forum, event planner, and photo archive. In the past year that we have been online, we have realized that our group’s page has become a very valuable tool. First, it has been a gathering place for those who are from, or had ancestors from, Hatteras Island. People share. People discuss. People connect. It is such an awesome thing. Just shows that today’s technology can be used in a very positive way. With over 480 group members…we stand as a testament to that.

Lately though, with all the changes and projects that the HIGS Board Members, have found themselves facing…our online time has become limited. Just bare with us as we tidy things up and get organized, so that our members will soon be able to join in and truly become a more active and “hands on” society through the projects that we are planning.

And for those who read our blog and post comments…”Thank you”. We love the feedback and will do our best to reply a.s.a.p 🙂

Dawn F. Taylor


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