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Tracing Francis Farrow’s decendants through dna…we need you !

From Roberta Estes of the Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Group…

We’ve got great news. We have a Farrow male who has submitted his DNA to represent the Farrow line. We have his genealogy connected back to Francis Farrow, the original settler who was born about 1667 and died in 1721 on Hatteras Island.

The information provided by this DNA test is valid for anyone who descends from the Farrow line. Unless you are a Farrow male, the only way you’ll ever be able to get this info about your ancestor is this way, with a Farrow male who is willing to test.

We need donations to pay for the test. We have sale pricing until June 30th. Anyone who could donate towards this test, it would be greatly appreciated. Even $10 would be great. The link for donations is here and just note that it’s for the Francis Farrow test. I have a coupon (which expires June 30th) for a reduced price and the test will be $129 (It’s normally $149). We currently have $40, so we really need the donations.