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Leroy S. Hulan : 5th District United States Life Saving Stations Photographs – Continued Collection

The collection continues…

On March 27th, 2011, Richard Hulan and myself put together the first blog exhibiting the photographs that his Father, Leroy S. Hulan, took in 1944 while manning the role of USNR Chaplain assigned to the Coast Guard lifeboat stations of the 5th Naval District. The collection featured the stations located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

One may view the blog here:

Fifteen additional photographs have now been added to this online collection. All stations were located within the United States LSS 5th district. Please click on photographs to view larger images.

Assateague LSS

Cobb Island LSS

Hog Island LSS

Little Creek LSS

Little Island LSS

Little Machipongo LSS

Metomkin Island LSS

Metomkin Island LSS

North Beach LSS

Ocean City LSS

Popes Island LSS

Smith Island Dock

Virginia Beach Lifeboat Station Office

Wallops Morring Dock

Wash Woods Tower


Leroy S. Hulan ~ Outer Banks Life Saving Stations

Recently, I was contacted by Dr. Richard H. Hulan, a retired folklorist of Springfield, Virginia, who had found our new blog from a link on the “Lost Colony Research Group” blog. In 1944, his Father, LeRoy S. Hulan, traveled the sand roads and paths of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, serving as Chaplain for the Coast Guardsmen who manned the U.S. Life Saving Stations. Richard has graciously offered to share his father’s US Navy photograph collection with us. Enjoy…

Leroy S. Hulan

Information below, provided by Dr. Richard H. Hulan.

In 1944, my late dad was the USNR Chaplain assigned to the Coast Guard lifeboat stations of the 5th Naval District, which ran from Ocean City, MD to the Cape Hatteras vicinity. It included several stations in your area of interest, e.g. Big and Little Kinnakeet. He was given a jeep, a timetable for meeting ferries when necessary, and photos of the stations (so he’d know where to stop and hold a service). The job was sort of like being a circuit rider.

My dad was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee in 1910. He was educated at Vanderbilt, Transylvania, and the College of the Bible (now Lexington Theological Seminary) in Kentucky. During his WWII Navy service, he went by LeRoy S. Hulan, so his initials were L.S. His mother (who lived until 1970) later informed him that they had actually named him Lee Roy Snyder Hulan, not LeRoy. For the rest of his adult life he was only called Roy S. Hulan. He was a well known minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), with pastorates in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. He was on the denomination’s Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission for many years, between the 1950s and 1970s, and was a trustee of Lexington Theological Seminary (in KY). He died in Murfreesboro, TN in 1991. My brother and I were born in 1936 and 1939, respectively; so we have childhood memories of the war period that include the way this Jeep would launch us off the seat, when he drove over a “camel’s back” on the coastal highway (i.e., the beach).

Leroy S. Hulan

Leroy S. Hulan, sitting in the front passenger seat of his trusty, military issued, Jeep. Photographer unknown. Taken somewhere on Hatteras Island, NC. Year ~ 1944.

Leroy S. Hulan

Leroy S. Hulan, standing beside Jeep w/ back turned. Photographer unknown. Taken somewhere on Hatteras Island, NC. Year ~ 1944.

Caffey’s Inlet Life Saving Station ~ Duck, NC.

Paul Gamiel Hills, NC ~ Located in what is now Seacrest Village. Burned down in 1960. Now just a sand hill.

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station, NC.

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station, NC.

Nags Head Life Saving Station, NC.

Bodie Island Observation Tower, NC.

Oregon Inlet Life Saving Station, NC.

Pea Island Life Saving Station, NC.

Chicamacomico Life Saving Station ~ Rodanthe, NC.

Little Kinnakeet Life Saving Station, NC.

Big Kinnakeet Life Saving Station, NC.

RDF Station ~ Buxton, NC

Cape Hatteras Life Saving Station ~ Buxton, NC.

Hatteras Inlet Life Saving Station, NC.

Ocracoke Lighthouse Keepers Quarters, NC.

Cape Lookout Life Saving Station, NC.

Fort Macon Life Saving Station, NC.

Swansboro Lifeboat Station ~ Station Office ~ New, Swansboro, NC